Corporate Wellness

A Revolution In Corporate Wellness:
Introducing The Wellness Operating System

A Comprehensive Strategy that combines your health benefits insurance alternatives with a corporate wellness plan to Support the Well-Being of Your Employees and save up to $3,500 per employee per year on health insurance.

  • Assess employees for their WICO™ Score, identify unhealthy markers and reduce health insurance claims
  • Use wellness grants & health insurance strategies to reduce or minimize out of pocket costs
  • Offer proprietary & award winning programs to:
  1. Lower fasting blood sugar
  2. Sustainable & long term weight loss management program
  3. Improve and normalize lipids including cholesterol and triglycerides
  4. Lower blood pressure while increasing energy and mental alertness
  5. Reduce or eliminate need for lifestyle induced medication
  • Help Senior Management to infuse a culture of wellness with employees
  • Perform a work site assessment to establish a work environment that supports wellness
  • The net objectives of the Wellness Operating System are to:
    • Lower healthcare costs by as much as $3,500/EE/YR
    • Increase productivity, reduce fatigue
    • Reduce absenteeism and sick leave
    • Increase loyalty connection and value of being a member of your corporation with a new Corporate Mission Statement that includes Wellness
    • Build a sense of control for personal health and wellbeing for each employee

TRANSFORMATIONS Educates, Energizes And Empowers Your Employees to Enhance Their Lifestyles

Assess Employees for Their WICO™ Score

Just as employees have a FICO score for their credit, our proprietary and unique WICO™ Score will determine their state of wellness. This is accomplished by evaluating 15 wellness markers based on symptoms and specialized testing. Once a baseline is established, it becomes a basis for employees to make needed changes if they are in an unhealthy zone, and a way for employers to reward & motivate employees for improvements as unhealthy WICO™ Scores are improved. Where employee and employer share in the payment of monthly health insurance premiums, for improved WICO™ Scores this can be used as a direct incentive for the employer to pay more share of the monthly premiums.

Use Wellness Grants for Wellness Testing to Establish a WICO™ Score

Would your employees benefit from Wellness Grants? Companies that include at least 75% of their employees will receive a grant of over $400 per employee. The grants will be used to have specialized testing and assessments performed so that employees will have their WICO™ Score established. This will allow for on-site wellness education seminars and individualized programs to be offered so that unhealthy markers are corrected before they become disease conditions.

Offer Proprietary & Award Winning Programs
Wellness is not sickness & disease management. Wellness is correcting unhealthy wellness markers before they become disease conditions. Furthermore, the programs implemented must also change lifestyle habits so that health benefits are long lasting and sustainable. TRANSFORMATIONS’ proprietary and award winning programs will educate, energize & empower employees on how to be in control of their key wellness markers that include: blood sugar, blood pressure, body composition, waist and lipids, while learning how to have correct food habits so as to never become a diabetic and maintain weight loss over time.

Infuse a Culture of Wellness with Employees
The notion of wellness needs to be more than a gym membership or words in a mission statement. Is your company providing a wellness friendly environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle? It starts from the moment one enters the company facilities with the lighting, wall colors, signage and ergonomics, to what is served at meetings, offered at the snack bar and break away areas. Understanding how wellness influences productivity, caring and pride of an employee for their company is an important first step. Having TRANSFORMATIONS make a site evaluation with recommended action is the next step needed to ensure a successful wellness culture.

Lowering Healthcare Costs by up to $3500/EE/YR
High deductible health insurance or Health Savings Accounts are different ways to reduce health insurance premiums, but it is only by implementing Shared Funding that companies can significantly reduce their health insurance premiums by as much as $3500/EE/YR. However, Shared Funding will not work unless employees reduce their claims by becoming preventative, wellness oriented and off their lifestyle induced medication. TRANSFORMATIONS’ Wellness Operating System will make all of this possible. Not only are healthcare costs reduced, but productivity will increase, absenteeism & sick leave will be reduced and most important, employees will feel a sense of pride in their company for providing the tools and empowering them to learn how to prevent disease and enhance their lifestyle forever.

Educate, Energize & Empower - TRANSFORMATIONS Provides Programs Such As:

  • On-site Seminars, Speakers and Lunch ‘N Learns
  • Webinars on Prevention and Wellness Topics
  • Contests for Employees to Participate as Groups and Departments
  • Motivational Signage to Infuse a Culture of Wellness
  • Email Newsletters on Health and Wellness
  • Monthly Progress & Achievement Reports
  • One -on-One Counseling with Specially Trained Healthcare Practitioner
  • and more . . .

Next Steps

  • Senior Management Commitment for a Wellness Strategy
  • Meet with TRANSFORMATIONS to Establish a Health Insurance Strategy and Corporate Wellness Plan
  • Define Roles & Responsibilities
  • Plan of Action for Company and Objectives Developed
  • Host a lunch and learn for your employees
  • Stage a Prevention & Wellness Open House to Kick off Company Wellness Campaign
  • WICO™ Score for Employees
  • Program Implementation, Monitor and Measure Success

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