Educate     Energize     Empower  
  You Learn How To . . .
  • Correct Unhealthy Markers
  • Have Correct Food Habits
  • Live a LifeStyle not a Diet
  • Burn Fat Not Muscle Mass
  • Naturally Balance Your System
  • Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar
  • Identify & Correct Food Allergies
  • Correct Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Make the "20/80 Flip" *

* Flip to 80% good food habbits

  You Experience . . .
  • Amazing Increase in Energy
  • Enhanced Mental State
  • Immediate Weekly Progress
  • Abdominal Fat &  Inches Lost
  • Noticable Visible Changes
  • Normalization of Blood Sugar
  • Complements From Associates
  • A Bounce Back in Your Step
  • Reduced Stress due to Improved Health
  You Become Empowered To . . .
  • Maintain Healthy Food Habits
  • Not Compromise your LifeStyle
  • Control Blood Sugar Levels
  • Maintain Weight Loss for Life
  • Maintain the "20/80 Flip"
  • Be Free of Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Be Free of Food Allergy Issues
  • Promote Prevention & Wellness
  • Live Free of Lifestyle Induced Medication
Knowledge Builds Confidence to Stay Healthy
You Feel Better Than You Have For Years
You Are Now In Control of Your Health


Why It Works

The foundational basis to why TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ works has to do with how it Educates, Energizes and Empowers people. In the first step of education, you will learn how easy it is to intervene and make natural adjustments at an early stage, if your body is exhibiting unhealthy wellness markers, thus correcting them before they become diseased and chronic.

Knowledge is power as you gain the understanding of your current health markers with the evaluation of 15 health conditions using a 4-page questionnaire that will look at symptoms being experienced by your body. The results of this questionnaire will make up your WICO™ Score.

Once you realize these unhealthy markers; you can begin correcting them by making simple lifestyle, nutritional and dietary changes, you will be energized as you discover you are able to take control of your health and maintain it in a healthy zone for the rest of your life.

This excitement is accentuated as you begin the program and realize how great you feel with no hunger or cravings, while having great energy and mental alertness. Within a week or two of implementing the TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ Program you will also begin seeing significant positive changes with your key wellness markers of blood sugar, body composition, blood pressure and lipids.

Realizing that TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ is one program, to address multiple solutions, as you witness improvements in all of your key health markers, allowing you to over time wean off your lifestyle induced medications.

Your immediate motivator is to experience results as you lose abdominal fat and protect muscle mass, while reducing inches all over your body as you use stored fat for fuel.

Now a sense of empowerment is felt as you realize what lifestyle and dietary changes you need to maintain so as to continue these health benefits for the rest of your life. This is primarily accomplished by continuing your 20/80 flip (where only 20% of food habits are unhealthy). Furthermore, by pinpointing and correcting nutritional deficiencies and food allergies/sensitivities, serious future problems are averted.

Finally, evaluating your subsequent WICO™ Score, once TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ is completed, will show you the positive changes in the direction of your overall health to allow you to be preventative and wellness oriented with your life.

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