What the Patients are Saying

Prior to TRANSFORMATIONS, I was a couch potato and enjoyed being lazy and eating too much. Then, when I was part of the way into the program, I began to do some exercise (walking) - because I was being encouraged to do something to tone my body which was by now looking a lot slimmer.

Maria D.

After a number of years, trying different weight loss programs, I had in fact gained weight. My work and family life were being affected because of my weight problem. A friend spoke to me about Transformations 360. I never looked back. I lost 61 lbs. in 11 weeks and am still counting.

Phil H.

I had always had a weight problem and thought it was hereditary. I tried all the diets available but with very little success. Since commencing the TRANSFORMATIONS 360, the weight literally fell off! I now feel more confident, it has raised my self-esteem, and I have a real sense of well-being.

Tina O.

Within 4 weeks of beginning the TRANSFORMATIONS 360, I had stopped all chemical medication and felt wonderful!

Carmen M.

After finishing playing football I constantly battled weight problems. I had tried many of the high profile weight loss programs without major success. However, after being introduced to the TRANSFORMS Program – all this changed.

Mark C.

I had never had weight loss success like this before. The wedding day went according to plan and it was everything I wished it could be. I lost 108 lbs., 52 1/2 in. and dropped from a size 24 to a size 12.

Evelyn L.

The best thing about the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 is that you are provided with the tools to maintain your desired weight for life. Just before I went onto the TRANSFORMATIONS 360, I was heading for 187 lbs. - twelve weeks later, I reached 147 lbs.!


Richard M.

Feeling unhappy about her body (inside and out) for at least five years, her body was crying out for help. Health problems such as irritable bowel and gallstones made Sam realize she was heading down a scary and dangerous road. Losing 105 lbs. has certainly helped her regain her health!

Sam I.

With heart disease in her family, a marriage separation, and tipping the scales at 319 lbs., Kim decided that it was time to take control and lost 165 lbs. in the process to become half the person that she was.

Kim P.

What the Patients are Saying


Great energy, tried many diets, got to her target weight quickly…”feel like a contestant on Biggest Looser”; “no more bulges and my new clothes fit great”.


Has tremendous energy and a great new lifestyle for her two teenage daughters and family, program is easy and helped with portion size control.


Movie executive, lost 80 lbs., party goer now without looking for place to sit down upon arrival! Learned how to burn fat; no longer pre-diabetic.


51 year old, goes to South Beach in bikini, skin looks fantastic, holiday with business associates one year later, they couldn’t believe it was her!


Business Owner, difficulty setting up the gift shows in NY, now does it in a breeze, plays with grandkids again and is off the sleep aphelia machine.


Movie executive, lost 90 lbs. 48” waist to 35”, now walks dogs and hikes again, steady loss of 6 lbs. per week, Improved all WICO markers.


68 year old, hard time walking, lost 50% of body weight, now off medications and delayed knee replacement surgery.

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