WICO™ Score

*WICO™ Score stands for Wellness Index Condition Optimal

WICO™ Score is a numerical expression based on a statistical analysis of a person's health markers, to indicate the general health index of that person. The WICO™ Score is based on the patients self-administered on-line questionnaire and compared to normal, mild, moderate or server ranges as published in medical statistics for the markers within the WICO™ Score matrix.


TRANSFORMATIONS (TI) WICO™ Wellness Score delivers superior wellness marker analytics that help drive smarter decisions and best choice solutions for your health and long term wellbeing. The company's advanced questionnaire of 15 key markers and use of mathematics and statistical analysis establishes your scientific health index to identify unhealthy conditions, assist in pin-pointing nutritional deficiencies and help identify disease conditions are providing base level health marker analytics for patient consultations. WICO™ Score was developed to aid in the identification of your wellness index so critical for providing prevention and wellness methods for the assistance of reversing pre-diabetes & weight management, getting patients off lifestyle induced medications and more.

Re-taking the WICO™ Score after 4-5 weeks of being on the TRANFORMATIONS 360 program establishes new metrics & enables the patient and Health Practitioner to understand the effects of programs implemented and track health index progress. Specifically, Health Practitioners will be able to pinpoint the root cause of symptoms such as food allergies/sensitivities, or nutritional deficiencies while determining what chronic conditions need more than just lifestyle changes.  TRANSFORMATIONS 360 provides a system that educates, energizes and empowers individuals to be in control of their key health markers with simple lifestyle and diet changes.  


WICO™ Score is proprietary technology owned by TRANSFORMATIONS, Inc. On-Line WICO™ Score – 15 Marker questionnaire analytics base on 294 questions.

WICO™ Score is unique and has been built on established mathematical principles. The questionnaire and clinic testing establishes an individual’s marker associated with 15 key health markers.

These markers are then compared to a table that establishes and assigns the value of each marker for the patient by condition ranking of severe, moderate, mild or excellent by gender and age and by comparative ranking of markers. The scores for each marker are totaled providing an overall WICO™ Score. This score is similar to the scoring systems used by other commonly known statistical analytics such as the SAT (the standardized test for college admissions in the United States) or FICO® for your credit score developed by the company Fair, Isaac and Company and other commonly known statistical analytics companies.

The table values for each marker have been established by TRANSFORMATIONS Medical advisors and based on published medical statistics, published medical research articles, American Heath Association Data, American Diabetes Association Data, Kaiser Family Foundation to name a few.

Take our Online WICO™ Score Questionnaire to determine your health status and what you need to do to prevent disease and promote wellness while addressing the root cause of your symptoms.


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