Wellness Markers

To maintain health, you need to look at your wellness markers and correct them if they are unhealthy before they become disease conditions. Here are 15 key wellness markers people should be aware of that make up your WICO™ Score*. By determining your wellness status and learning how to improve your WICO™ Score* can help you create an environment for health, wellness and prevention.

*WICO™ Score stands for Wellness Index Condition Optimal

 * Online WICO™ Score consists of 15 Wellness Markers. WICO™ Score is a score that is a numerical expression based on a statistical analysis of a person's health markers, to represent an indication of the general health index of that person.15 Wellness Markers are:

1. Digestion Absorption

2. Dysbiosis Inflammation

3. Nutritional Cellular Health

4. B-Vitamin Deficiency

5. Liver/Gallbladder

6. Thyroid Insufficiency

7. Adrenal/Melatonin Insufficiency

8. Growth Hormone Deficiency

9. Dysglycemia & Body Comp

10. Food Allergies

11. Connective Tissue & Vasculature

12. Joint Muscle Inflammation

13. Lipid Metabolism

14. Cardio-Dynamics

15. Kidney Renal



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