F.U.N. Movement & Prevention Wellness Open House

Introduction To The FUN Movement

The FUN MOVEMENT where FUN stands for Friends Understanding Nutrition is a grass roots movement to address the diabetes epidemic, as the key stakeholders such as the government, insurance industry and healthcare system are not addressing this problem.

The FUN MOVEMENT has a mission to touch 1 million Pre-Diabetics across America and convey 3 messages:

1. Let them know they are Pre-Diabetic as most have no idea of their condition
2. How standard of care will wait for them to become a Type II diabetic and thereafter manage them for life
3. And how Pre-Diabetes is a reversible condition, based on double blind studies the government ran, that nobody talks about

The FUN MOVEMENT is being launched in communities across America where TRANSFORMATIONS CLINICS are established to address the diabetes epidemic. The leader of the FUN MOVEMENT in each community is the TRANSFORMATIONS practitioner, who has the special expertise to offer a solution that the government, insurance industry and physicians are not addressing.

As the FUN MOVEMENT is launched, corresponding Prevention & Wellness Open Houses (PWOH), are scheduled in local corporations, fitness centers and churches where people with certain health conditions can benefit from a $700 Wellness Grant to receive free wellness testing, experience certain wellness concepts and be given a presentation on how they can give themselves the “Greatest Gift of Health” which is how to never become a Type II diabetic.

Prevention Wellness Open House

Introduction to our Prevention & Wellness Open House (PWOH)

Lifestyle and wellness oriented healthcare practitioners have an interest in preventing their patients from becoming chronically ill and diseased. To do so, certain tests and assessments are needed to measure wellness and correct those that are in an unhealthy range.

In comparison, our standard of care is waiting for people to become sick and diseased before taking action, at which point medication is prescribed that never addresses the root cause and will at best mask the symptoms people are experiencing.

In addition to addressing the root cause of symptoms, it is crucial that people learn correct food habits to be in control of their blood sugar and body composition, while a specially trained functional health care practitioner corrects any functional imbalances that may exist.

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